Lundie Site Details

My readings from December 2003 on are from Lundie, a small hamlet in the Sidlaws about 10 miles NW of Dundee. The weather station is on the side of a hill, and is quite sheltered. In particular the wind readings will be far too low. It is a rural location, several miles from any sizeable urban sprawl and several miles from the Tay. Elevation about 185 m.

One day I might get round to doing something about raising the height of the anemometer ...

Note that I use the "standard" recording day, 9-9 GM.

Here is a picture of my site, in the middle, buried in the vegetation.

Here is a picture of the sunshine, cloud, and frost recorder.

Pitroddie Site Details

My readings from Pitroddie from September 1996 until December 2003. The site was fairly open, being on the side of a hill facing south, but with some shelter by trees, hedges, and farm buildings. The soil is clay, but with rock not far beneath the surface. We are quite exposed, on a the south-facing side of a hill. We are several miles from any sizeable urban centre (Perth) at 56 25' N, 3 16' W. We are about 15 miles from the sea (North Sea), and three miles from the river Tay to the south. The soil is clay/loam over Old Red Sandstone (Devonian) and andesitic basalt, close to the surface. Elevation 45m.

Pitroddie is in Perthshire, southern eastern Scotland, about 50 miles north of Edinburgh. If you know Scotland at all, it is between Perth and Dundee - slightly nearer Perth than Dundee. Pitroddie is a thriving metropolis: five houses and nine residents (excluding the mice and rabbits).

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