Sage Series in Psycholinguistics


This is a six volume work collecting together some of the most important publications in the history of psycholinguistics, with a lengthy introduction providing background and context. Its price suggests it’s not aimed at the casual readers, but i hope institutions and libraries will find it invaluable. It was published in late 2010.

Link to page - note that the title was originally going to be The psychology of language, but this would have been just too confusing.

From the publisher’s site for the book:

The psychology of language, or psycholinguistics is a vast, fascinating and rapidly growing field. This four-volume collection provides a modern, self-contained and accessible overview of the subject, presenting both sides of the major debates. The papers will enable the reader to gather a balanced view of modern psycholinguistics, identify the key issues and references, and be familiar with all modern investigative techniques.

Psycholinguistics is organised into the following five sections to be spread across six volumes:

Volume One: Production

Volume Two: Recognition and Comprehension

Volume Three: Recognition and Comprehension (continued)

Volume Four: Representation

Volume Five: Development and Language and thought

Containing over 1,600 pages of the most seminal, cutting-edge and field-defining papers in the field, this major work should prove an invaluable addition to any library with a collection in psychological science, and whose faculty and students wish to learn more about this historically significant discipline.

See this page for a full list of the contents.