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I am author of two books about the psychology of language and two series of books. Click on the book to find out more about each book.

The psychology of language (4th edition). Textbook published 1995, 2001, 2008, 2014 by Psychology Press. It has been translated into Spanish and Greek. A text about psycholinguistics suitable for undergraduates, advanced undergraduates, postgraduates - and I hope researchers too.

The psychology of weather. Published later in October 2018 and now available from book stores and online, including a Kindle edition..

Talking the talk. This is a more introductory book on psychology and language. Published December 2009 (with 2010 date) and now available. You don’t need any background in psychology or linguistics to understand this book. Suitable for everyone with any interest in language. Second edition 2017. It is being translated into Japanese.

Sage key work on psycholinguistics. Published in 2010. A six-volume collection containing reprints of some of the key papers in psycholinguistics, with an introduction that provides a complete overview of the areaTDue for publication October 2010 or not too soon after. I have finished the proofs for my lengthy introduction to the area, and the full details of papers available can be found on this page. It wasn’t easy reducing the most famous papers in psycholinguistics down to 58 must-reads, and doubtless some people will feel forgotten and offended. I apologise to them. Note the volumes are not cheap, and probably won’t be bought by many individuals!

Current issues in the psychology of language. I am series editor for Psychology Press’s Current issues in the psychology of language series. Several of these volumes are currently in production.

The science of consciousness. To be published by Cambridge University Press, hopefully in 2019.

The Psychology of the Weather. Published by Routledge in 2018.

No birds sing. Currently in the early stages, this book is about my experience with depression, and the science of the origins of depression and its treatments.

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