Media appearances


My work has been widely featured in the media over the years, including national and local press, national and local television, and many local, national, and international radio programmes.

My paper on why we make tips-of-the-tongue was widely featured in the press a few years ago, and turned up all over the place - including to my delight the British Airways in-flight travel magazine. Many thanks in particular to the Sunday Telegraph for picking up on it in the first place.

My more recent work on ageing and language made the BBC website and local television. See for example:

My interest in the weather also regularly makes the press. The highlight was making a segment of a programme on the weather with National Geographic television in 2001, made on location in Scotland and Tenerife.

TALKS. I have several popular talks available, including ones on consciousness, parapsychology, cognitive ageing, the science and practicalities of self-improvement, and the causes of the Great War. I’ve recently given popular talks in Dundee on The science of self-improvement and How to slow ageing. I also talk about how to improve presentations and presentation skills.

STAND-UP COMEDY. Yes, really. For a sample see my Bright Club performance on Youtube.

AGENT. I’m considering taking on an agent for our mutual benefit for all my work. If you’re interested please contact me via